Monday, 15 June 2009

My Wish For You

Managed to get a few layouts done, TJ seems to be so demanding I hardly get time to scrap anymore! I thought babies are meant to sleep most of the day so always thought id be able to get stuff done until he could walk...but TJ does NOT like to sleep! I cant complain too much I guess as he has always been really good through the night, hence the extra energy through the day!

Anyhow this layout was inspired by a Rascall flatts song called "my wish for you" they are beautifull lyrics and are exactly everything i wish for my little man.

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Carmen said...

Hahahahahaha! My partners dad told him that babies just ate and slept all the time too. Boy did he get a surprise when Ruby came along! I think he is still in shock now *g*

Love your lo - that saying is gorgeous :)