Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Wall mounted storage

This was built by my awesome dad and I thought it would take most of my paints and mediums how wrong was I!! I think I need another but it's a great solution I can now see most things at a glance rather than rummaging through drawers!


A little something for mom for mothers day she always appreciates my handmade items which makes a change as not many people get it! Don't you just love spending hours on things only for the hubby to say "hmm nice but I don't get it!" Lol!


Check out the baby monitor in the back ground, I can never get more than 40 min straight when crafting as my little monster doesn't like to sleep!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Alice Book Box

Here's a little box I'm working on decided I really fancied an alice theme the side pulls out as a drawer- it's not stuck down yet it's a work in progress so will probably change a hundred times but I will post the completed box soon! Am really having fun with this am loving textures at the moment can't get enough!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Altered iPhone box

This was great fun to do and pretty simple, it's funny as a crafter you look at everything differently and this iPhone box was destined to be altered from ages ago- well now it's done and I'm pretty pleased with the result...

Here's how it was done...

I measured the panels and cut out and embossed some back card..

I then painted random areas with a wash of paperartsy fresco finish Irish cream ( I lovvveee this stuff!) 

I then did the same with a wash of paint in the colour little black dress...

 A little brush of treasure gold I used both white fire and pewter... This stiffs awesome and a little goes a longgggg way. I use it so much and I haven't even dented the tub yet!!

A coat of foil tape on the sides of the box and I coated inside to...

Stick on the panels and some metal feet (I also scratched up the foil to take the shine away and dry painted some random areas of paint)

Added some chains flowers and charms to complete the pretty little trinket box. How simple was that!

Thanks for looking x