Friday, 24 April 2009

Bed Head!!!

Tijay first thing in the morning.....Isnt He just the sweetest thing ever! I cant believe he is already 3 and a half months old! He is such a sweet natured adorable little thing and i cant wait to have more. Im totally in love with him and he is my little ray of sunshine. Me and mes can't believe how being parents have made us feel...its the best feeling in the world and we love it!

more stash...yikes i was really naughty at the weekend!!!

Went to ally Pally at the weekend and spent an absoloute fortune....I really dont neeeeeeeddddd anymore stash but i think im just addicted! I got myself some promarkers (have had my eye on these for a while!) and i stocked up on my papers as I just couldnt resist. Plus a few other bits n pieces.... Have a look isn't it just yummy?

I really need to excersise some self control and I have promised myself ...No More STASH for a very long time! At least untill the next ally pally......

I had a sort out of my craft room and sold some of my stuff on UKS and although im sad about it its kind of a relief as its just not getting used. Continued the selling at a bootsale yesterday and made wayyyy more than i expected perfect for buying more stash lol...but am gonna be sensible and not spend a penny of it! (yeah ok i hear you say!)